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Dr. Sigal Aviel

Sigal brings 15 years of managerial experience in the Biotech industry. Prior to joining PainReform Sigal held the position of Chief R&D Officer at MediWound, a company specializing in deep burns and chronic wound care, where she was responsible for product development from early stages to final product approval by regulatory authorities. Previously she served as a VP of clinical and regulatory affairs at Biokine LTD focusing on cancer therapy. Formerly she directed both platform and project development at Protalix Biotherapeutics while managing a large group of scientists on projects ranging from autoimmune diseases to chemical warfare and genetic diseases.

Sigal holds a PhD in Immunology and Microbiology from Duke University Medical School as well as an executive MBA degree from the Kellogg school of business at NW University. She did her postdoctoral work with Nobel laureate Prof. Aaron Ciechanover.