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PRF-110 is a viscous clear oil-based solution that is instilled (deposited) directly into the surgical wound, and spreadable over the complete wound surface,  to provide localized and extended post-operative analgesia. Its physical characteristics and composition are key to it being well-tolerated and its ease of use:

  • PRF-110 is highly viscous and thus stays in place when placed into a surgical wound bed.
  • PRF-110 remains within the surgical site when the skin is closed, without being toxic or proinflammatory.
  • PRF-110 is easy to administer and its use is consistent with current surgical practice.
  • PRF-110 is highly uniform and resistant to degradation in the wound, resulting is sustained/extended release of the analgesic.
  • Ropivacaine, the active drug used in PRF-110, is a safe and well characterized local anesthetic.
  • The components that make up the remainder of the PRF-110 formulation are classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA.
  • Pain Reduction Time

    Studies have shown 48 hours of pain reduction in healthy volunteers and up to  72 hours in a clinical setting

  • Scalable and Cost Effective

    Low variable costs allows for ease of manufacturing and production to meet high market demand

  • Easy Application

    Avoiding multiple injection reduces delivery time and complexity, optimizes efficacy and reduces the risk of hematoma

  • Core Platform

    Platform can be utilized for a wide
    range of APIs to generate sustainable pipeline of new product applications